Welcome to Web4Web’s Computer Services Website

WEB4WEB LTD provides computers, computer assistance, and web design to individuals and small businesses. Our goal is to make computers and the Internet understandable and attainable for everyone. Here at our website you can learn more about our services by clicking on the links above. Our stop by one of our three computer/smart phone related […]



How does one test PC memory (random-access memory)?

It is a good idea to test new and existing PC memory to make sure it will not give you problems in the future. But how do you test PC memory? “The Blue Screen of Death” also known as “BSOD” might be a signal that the ram you’ve got is defective. BSOD is what takes […]


The now “Infamous” Deranged Sorority Girl Email

Note: This story alludes to language that may offend some people. It’s been the rant read ’round the world — its prose so profane and its priorities so misplaced that the Internet hasn’t been able to look away, like some information superhighway car wreck. Since first shared about week ago Thursday by Gawker, under the […]


Web4Web’s Laptop (PW-9800) is now Sold Out

Details about the laptop that was: (now considered a vintage laptop) The vintage Soyo PW-9800 Computer included a 8.1″ laptop, CD rom drive, floppy disk drive, 10/100 PC Card and user guide, Soyo Recovery Disk, cords to hook floppy disk and CD rom drive. The Soyo PW-9800 subcompact notebook computer was (in its day) packed […]